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Our Story

Tara is the fully trained groomer of The Pampered Pup Salon.

She has her own fur-baby McCloud. After moving back to WA Tara saw the need to use quality, skin sensitive and natural based dog grooming products after McCloud had a severe reaction to regular dog shampoo. Also having sensitive skin herself, Tara wanted the best for McCloud to not only keep him happy but healthy. Tara's belief is, if I use quality natural products myself for my health and well being, my dog, who gives me so much love deserves the best as well.

Why Us?

At The Pampered Pup Salon we use only natural or skin sensitive products. A one-on-one experience for your fury friend insures they get only the best loving and attention, and of course playtime with McCloud. No caging before or after their treatment in a safe dog friendly environment.

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