The Pampered Pup Salon


Why amber?
Amber is an organic, fossilized product. It contains aromatic properties called terpenes. This aroma is released when pets wear amber collars and the heat from their body's release the scent. 
These resinous aromatic terpenes being released is what repels the ticks and fleas. The second way in which amber works is it has electrostatic properties. Static electricity is generated when Amber is rubbed against the fur and the fleas and ticks just can't hold on.

It only takes about two weeks of wear for the collars to reach maximum effect.
It has been proven that Baltic Amber has the highest succinic acid, which is the cause of its resinous and medicinal properties
It is also credited with aiding pain relief, stress, and promoting healing and immunity. Many people believe amber collars help with joint pain and arthritis.

At The Pampered Pup Salon we make-to-measure an Amber Dog Collar to suit your Fur-kid.
Prices start from:
  •     20cm - $20
  •     25cm - $25
  •     30cm - $30
  • Each extra 5cm - $5