The Pampered Pup Salon


As pet fashion always follows human fashion trends and the super HOT feather hair extension trend sweeping across the world is no exception! It is now in Australia and proudly brought to you by The Pampered Pup Salon in Waikiki, Rockingham.

This hot new trend is definitely heating up quickly. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted rocking this style on the red carpet. Even our lovely pups at The Pampered Pup Salon, are strutting their unique styles with their own feather locks. This fashion statement is a definite do, so treat your furry friend to a new look that will have everyone’s heads turning. See them stand out from the crowd and become the talk of the town, get your own pampered pup its own Feather extension today!

Feather extensions are latest fashion trend for a girl’s best friend, and available in an array of colours, patterns and sizes "to fit your pet's personality".

The feathers won't damage your dog's coat and each feather extension is attached using a silicon-lined 'micro ring' and a set of pliers. The fur must be at least 2cm long for 'installation' to work, can be washed and blow-dried, and can last up to 6 weeks.

If you would like more information about Feather Extensions for your pampered pup, please contact Tara at The Pampered Pup Salon on 0402 482 668 or check out our Facebook page.